Learn more about IASA Graduate’s core leadership team. We are a constantly growing community and we are eager to expand our reach to more interested young minds.

Robert Marx

Co-Head of Chapter, Founder

Robert is the creative and data driven co-founder of IASA Graduate. His vision is to have young professionals in the aerospace business sensitized for a topic that will not only drive the sector but the economy of tomorrow.

Prior to IASA Graduate he was part of EUROAVIA, a European association for aerospace and aviation passionate people. He was leading an affiliated society supporting people across Europe to take part in projects across professions, borders and languages.

He gained experience with major companies in the aviation world in Singapore, the United States and Germany, always keeping his mind around improvements.

After having completed an assignment in Seattle working with the Future Production System Team for the Boeing Company, he is about to finalize his MSc. in Aerospace Engineering.

The idea of IASA Graduate came across his mind in early 2018 when extensively researching the sector for sustainable impacts. Growing a community of critical individuals for future applications and products is an vision he strives to achieve.

His mindset: The limits for change are set by ourselves.

Niklas Marx


Niklas is co-founder and co-head of IASA Graduate.

He has been fascinated by aviation since his early childhood and sees it as the best possible way to explore the world.

Following his Bachelor studies in Aviation Management at IUBH University of Applied Sciences, he recently joined the management consultancy McKinsey and Company and is part of the firm’s Aerospace and Defense practice for his Gap Year.

During his studies in Germany, Singapore and France, Niklas learned about several aspects of the airline and aviation sector, but he also found that this industry is in desperate need for more sustainable concepts to contribute to a greener future.

Being an economist, Niklas has researched the use of market-based measures, emission trading and other financial measures to incentivize the reduction of negative externalities in aviation.

His main objective is to shape a community of young minds that have great ideas for sustainability in aviation.

Niklas believes firmly that technology and innovation are the keys to a better future.

Henrike Fabienke

Director of PR

Henrike is Head of PR & Marketing of IASA Graduate.
She has a strong background in Aeronautical Engineering and Aviation Logistics at the Technical University of Applied Sciences in Wildau, near Berlin.
She had a passion for aviation from the very beginning and throughout her academic career she realized that she was interested in and committed to the sustainable change in of the aviation industry. Thus, the central focus of her bachelor thesis was the investigation of fuel systems for the seamless supply of alternative fuels for aviation.
Her firm decision to make aviation more sustainable in the years to come has earned her the Lilienthal Prize for her thesis, among other things, and she is convinced that the amalgamation of research, industry efforts and endeavors of future air transport companies will result in a CO2-neutral footprint of the entire system – if everyone makes their contribution.
With her expertise she leads the campaigns and the corporate appearance of the IASA Graduate – internally and externally and intrinsically motivates students, young professionals, institutions, commercial enterprises, but also associations and aviation enthusiasts to join the idea.
Full throttle ahead with combined knowledge and a sound network.